Avante Advertising Shares Inspiration From Drew Brees

Avante Advertising admires a strong sports mentality. For us, having a sports-mentality means that you’re willing to embody the mindset of an athlete and push beyond your limit in any industry. Challenges are what make and shape us, due to this we can understand how we can progress to being successful individuals. “One of the most focused athletes that I know of is Drew Brees. He is an NFL football player and really defines what a sports mentality is. He has been able to overcome many hardships, due to that he has built himself an environment in which he learns from and thrives,” says Emilio Mayagoitia, managing director of Avante Advertising.

This athlete plays the position of a quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, just a few years ago he led the crew into a Super Bowl (2009) victory and earned MVP. The most exceptional thing about Brees is that he had some setbacks that made it unlikely for him to be picked first round when the time came to be drafted for an NFL organization. Rather than focusing on that, he had other strengths. When he was selected by the Chargers initially, he gave it his all and led the team he was on to the playoffs. Which was closer than expected for the Super Bowl. This was the moment where viewers noticed that he had something special and was one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL.

“The best and most admirable aspect about Brees is that as an athlete he never let it be known that his personal life affected him on the field. Rather than letting it consume him, it is almost as though he uses that energy to make sure he plays his best game. He comes from a tough background and often speaks about the hardships he faced. One of the setbacks being that his mother had passed away due to suicide. He obtained a stronger mentality and built himself up to focus on ways to help others. That is a different kind of strength and one that builds a mindset up for anything that life brings upon him,” says Emilio Mayagoitia of Avante Advertising. He once quoted, “I know that I’ve had so many experiences in my life and lessons learned through adversity, where I feel like if it weren’t for that adversity, then I certainly wouldn’t be where I am now or have the opportunities that I had to get me to this point.” He finds various ways to help others and focuses on positive energy, which has allowed him to get success, he deserves it as well! We find him admirable, and Brees really inspires us by his success, athleticism, and mindset.