Avante Advertising Shares Business Lessons for Positive Results

With a plethora of technical and industry-related knowledge necessary to start and grow any new business. Entrepreneurs are under immense pressure to know, do, and perform. While technology in many ways has made the process easier and more streamlined, the test of character that every entrepreneur must go through in succeeding remains as challenging as ever. In most cases, attitude affects outcomes just as much as anything else. Recently, Emilio Mayagoitia, CEO of Avante Advertising, discussed the importance of positivity in achieving great business results with a conference of business graduates.

One of the most important elements of making progress in business is learning how to convert past mistakes into meaningful lessons, as Emilio Mayagoitia outlined to the students. “Many successful entrepreneurs will look back on past decisions and statements, asking themselves, ‘what was I thinking?’”, he said. “Those who can take past efforts and learn from them ultimately create positive energy and momentum for future improvement”, Emilio Mayagoitia from Avante Advertising went on to say. Every entrepreneur starts somewhere, but those who can convert past shortcomings into future strengths will see greater improvement in the long-term.

Another huge element that Emilio Mayagoitia emphasized was the need to listen. “It can be all too easy to fall into the act of barking orders and talking over others, but successful leaders do not pursue this strategy”, he said. In fact, for entrepreneurs just starting out, Avante Advertising advises that leaders hold regular listening sessions with their staff and clients. This form of communication – when occurring in a neutral and stress-free environment – can yield dramatic results in terms of improving communication and addressing problems that may be under the radar of leaders.

Incorporating strategies to handle all of the negative pressure is yet another lesson Avante Advertising emphasizes to its clients. Those who decide to pursue their dreams will face a mountain of skepticism, criticism, and negativity. Learning how to adapt these critiques into productive lessons – and jettisoning the rest – is a fundamental part of positive thinking in the world of business. “When criticism is legitimate, businesses can grow from it; when it is not, it merely presents itself as a distraction”, Emilio Mayagoitia told the students.

Ultimately, a positive outlook, effective communication, and an openness to learn from mistakes can dramatically impact business performance. Avante Advertising will continue to advise its clients on the best strategies for improving performance, whether they be new entrepreneurial ambitions or well-established corporate entities.