Avante Advertising Reviews How Branding Affects Consumer Behavior

In so many ways, how a business presents itself to the world affects how consumers perceive it. Even the best ideas in existence are subject to failure without marketing, promotion, and consumer awareness. Because of this, more businesses and entrepreneurs are reliant on marketing and advertising services to properly promote their products and services to the world. Last month,  CEO Emilio Mayagoitia joined a conference with top clients to discuss how important branding is in the role of consumer behavior.

Building personal connections is the foundation of tapping into consumer markets, according to Emilio Mayagoitia. “With an unprecedented amount of bombardment from advertisers and businesses, people have naturally ‘evolved’ in a sense to tune out ineffective noise”, he pointed out to those on the conference call. “One of the most effective ways to immediate counteract this dynamic is to build marketing strategies that focus on building relationships”, according to the CEO. He elaborated on this dynamic and why so many brands are focusing on “the human element” on platforms such as social media.

Storytelling can also have an impact on marketing outcomes – and thus, consumer behavior. Many brands incorporate stories into their advertising plans, how individuals directly benefited from the use of a product or service. Avante Advertising always emphasizes to clients that demonstrating both a need and a solution to the target audience is essential to improving performance. One of the easiest ways to showcase brands’ human sides and address both of these concerns is by telling stories via advertising.

Further emphasizing this point, Emilio Mayagoitia referenced a recent book he found to be quite informative on the broader subject. The title, ‘Building a StoryBrand’, shares a variety of business stories utilized to persuade audiences and ultimately generate better results. The book itself outlines a few ingredients for storytelling that closely resemble strategies used by Avante Advertising: a character, a problem, a guide, a plan, a call to action and a success story. By incorporating these six elements into branding strategies, consumer behavior can be dramatically influenced.

As the nature of marketing and competition continue to become more difficult, brands must distinguish themselves from the pack. In a world where many businesses face uncertainty in this regard, we will continue to promote its clients’ interests by pursuing effective campaigns designed to influence consumer behavior and solidify success within their niches.