Avante Advertising Review Playoff Mentality vs. Regular Season

Playoffs and regular season sports are two different things. During playoffs, the intensity rises, and everything fastens, whereas the regular season viewers and athletes don’t feel that strain unless they lose. “There is definitely a shift in mentality when it comes to regular season and playoffs. Playoff hockey, for example, you will notice a shift in attitude, competition and drive by the way athletes play. The regular season is not as tense because the mentality isn’t about playoffs,” says Emilio Mayagoitia, managing director of Avante Advertising. Many individuals assume that playoffs and regular season are the same, but playoff games are more intense, and they are/should be approached differently.

For playoffs, as the intensity increases, the pace slows down. The games are packed with competition, but there is not enough time to get through, you win or lose. This is why playoff mentality is different from regular season mentality. In general, players need to remain focused and have a winning mindset. “Placing an importance on a winning mentality betters your chances of actually accomplishing your goal. Positivity is also a huge factor in helping players achieve their wins over losses. Hockey, basketball, baseball, all these different but similar sports games have one thing in common: a playoff mentality. This is what helps them get in game mode and helps them achieve what they came to do,” says Emilio Mayagoitia of Avante Advertising.

The atmosphere of playoffs is also very different. Games get louder, fans get more competitive, players usually feed off the crowd’s energy. Rules get more strict, and you will see that serious competitive drive comes forward no matter which player it is. This is why there are a lot of brawls and arguments because the stakes are too high and winning is a must. Everyone is definitely more focused on playoffs than regular season because players, as well as fans, take it more seriously. Having this kind of mentality portrays that you will establish yourself and have a more assertive nature. At Avante Advertising, we feed off playoff energy, and it’s important that we embody that kind of attitude and mentality every day as well for our regular routines.