Avante Advertising Review Failure As Being Positive

According to historical details, it took the well-known and famous inventor Thomas Edison over 1000 tries before he finally perfected his invention; which would be the light bulb that we now could not live without. When Edison was asked by a reporter how it felt to have failed a massive 1000 times, Edison replied proudly, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.” Many of us assume that when we fail, it should be a sign that we need to give up and move on with something else. This is not the correct way to think — failure should be the starting point of helping one understand that they have potential to fix the situation and try again to combat it, as well as achieve it. At Avante Advertising we believe that failure is not to be taken as a negative, but to be honored as an integral piece of success, and here are some reasons why:

Failure Teaches Us

Making mistakes is a part of life. We learn through mistakes. As entrepreneurs and as human beings, we tend not to take risks because they scare us. However, to be significant risks, errors and failing is a part of the process. It eventually teaches us to fix something we’ve been doing wrong or to try again and perfect our routine.

Failure Kills Fear

At Avante Advertising we realize that everyone fears failure. Research has shown that people who accept and learn from failure tend to worry about it less. Each time you fail, you realize your own strength, and in the end, it will become more comfortable for you to obtain your dreams.

Failure Helps Lead the Way

It is easy picking a place and final destination of what you want. However, it’s not so easy to know which paths to avoid. Failure teaches you where you’re headed and what the path looks like, it’ll help you pinpoint the way and navigate routes towards your final goals. “At Avante Advertising we don’t see failure as bad, but as a great opportunity to refuel and head right back into the fray, knowing what won’t work and what to avoid,” says Emilio Mayagoitia, managing director of Avante Advertising. Being successful means, you will encounter failure and that is okay because it’ll help you reach your goals correctly in the end.