Avante Advertising Explain Why it’s So Vital to Listen to Your Customers

We all know that seeking customer feedback is an essential element of business as it’s vital that we understand how our business is performing in the market. But in reality, how often do you seek and listen to honest feedback about your customer service? When it comes to customer feedback, direct marketing experts Avante Advertising know all about the importance of having a regular dialogue with your customers. Direct marketing is all about putting clients face to face with new customers, securing a larger customer base. From then on, it’s all about retaining those customers and getting them to stay loyal to you. Avante Advertising knows that the best way in which to keep your customers happy is to encourage them to provide feedback so that they know that they are being listened to.

Avante Advertising’s Managing Director Emilio Mayagoitia says, ‘Listening to your customers is the very best way in which to ensure they stick with you. If they know that the lines of communication are open and they can be honest about the service that you are providing then they will feel very reassured that you care and will listen. Find ways in which to regularly touch base with your clients, asking them if they are happy with your service and also enquiring as to ways in which you could improve things. Always be open to criticism and take all comments on board.’

Seeking customer feedback is critical for the success of your business. ‘More than 90% of customers are more inclined to make a purchase after reading a brand’s response to feedback’. There is something very reassuring about knowing that a business listens to its clients and looks after their best interests – so it is no surprise that this percentage is so high.

Build yourself a reputation for excellent customer service and you will find that your clients remain extremely loyal (and they are also more likely to recommend you to their friends too). Conversely, not listening to your customers enough can actually serve to drive them away, seeking a company that listens and cares instead. Take a leaf out of Avante Advertising’s book and ask yourself how you could increase the amount of customer feedback that you seek. You will find that customer retention levels rise and you will also have a far better idea of how you are performing as a result.