Avante Advertising Discusses How Relationships Matter in Performance

Virtually every business finds itself tied to the same circumstances as its competitors, even if the strategies and approaches of each business are different. In particular, the role that relationships play in improving business performance and viability cannot be overstated. As entrepreneurs seek to grow and learn as individuals, the amount of personal connections – and the intimacy of each relationship – impacts their potential. Emilio Mayagoitia, CEO of Avante Advertising, recently discussed this phenomenon with business school students at an industry seminar. He highlighted the importance of the connection between relationships and performance.

Every entrepreneur or manager should first be concerned with the relationships occurring underneath their own roofs, Emilio Mayagoitia emphasized at the seminar. “Every business involves a team effort, and for those efforts to produce the best results, individuals must feel invested in both the mission and each other”, he said. “Without a comprehensive plan for encouraging intraoffice relationships, productivity and morale will both be hampered”, according to Emilio Mayagoitia. When workers feel like their office co-workers are more of a second family, communication improves, which benefits virtually every business outcome.

Once addressed, the strategy then shifts to building meaningful relationships with customers. Avante Advertising encourages its clients to implement interactive and custom-tailored campaigns designed to maximize feedback with potential customers. The ability to interact one-on-one with potential and returning customers is a key tenet in building consumer loyalty and maximizing profitability, says Emilio Mayagoitia. Many brands interact with customers in a variety of ways, including 24/7 live customer support, extensive social media engagement, and proactive follow-ups by staff to ensure satisfaction is guaranteed.

B2B companies also have opportunities in which to build better relationships. For those pursuing clients rather than customers, relationships are arguably even more important. Avante Advertising understands first-hand the importance of good business-client relations; this ensures that the proper advice regarding these relationships is provided to its clients. Emilio Mayagoitia pointed out at the seminar that a business may not always be able to provide the cheapest service or in the least amount of time, but solid relationships can more than makeup for any disadvantages alongside the competition.

Relationships ultimately impact every facet of business: without a variety of solid connections both inside and outside the office, companies will struggle. This is why Avante Advertising strives to provide clients with all the resources necessary to pursue effective strategies that maximize relationships and improve performance.